Green intelligent manufacturing concepts


The Schneider Electric Green and Intelligent Innovation Summit took place in Shanghai, with Schneider Electric taking the lead in proposing a green intelligent manufacturing concepts.

On September 19, the Schneider Electric Green and Intelligent Innovation Summit opened at the Shanghai National Co Schnnvention and Exhibition Center and presented a partnership with 26 partners in the Ecosphere.

At the summit, Schneider Electric took the lead in proposing a green intelligent manufacturing concept, and presented a comprehensive display of more than 1,600 square meters to a professional audience, and jointly released an open green intelligent manufacturing ecosystem to provide consulting consulting, design and construction for industrial enterprises.

As Yin Zheng, global executive vice president of Schneider Electric and president of China, said, together with partners, to provide rich digital services to industry enterprises in an open green intelligent manufacturing ecosystem, we can create a future together.

At the summit, Ahn Peng, deputy dean of Ali Research Institute, Mr. Mai Junyan, General Manager of IBM Global Business Consulting Services, and Wang Jianyu, General Manager of Industrial Intelligence Division of Shanghai Baosteel Industrial Technology Services Co., Ltd., Jin Jinyu Taihang Cement Co., Ltd. Song Jieming, deputy general manager of the company, and Pan Ying, general manager of Zhongding Integrated Software Co., together with Schneider Electric, focus on green intelligent manufacturing, digital transformation, industrial Internet and other hotspots, sharing profound insights into China’s industrial development; 8 parallel forums at the summit More than 60 exciting topics cover discrete, hybrid and process industrial solutions and industrial Internet of Things, 5G and other emerging technologies, providing industry players with opportunities and platforms for learning, communication and sharing.

In recent years, with the development of “Industry 4.0” and the rise of high and new technology in various countries around the world, the development of high value-added manufacturing industry is becoming the consensus of industrial strategic development. Faced with the increasingly fierce market structure, the demand for China’s manufacturing transformation and upgrading is very strong: not only to produce better products, but also to reshape the production and operation processes in a smarter way, but also to deepen the awareness of energy efficiency management and green production. Every aspect of business management. Therefore, the proposal of Schneider Electric’s green intelligent manufacturing concept is timely.

“Digital implementation is not accomplished by an independent enterprise or organisation. Green intelligent manufacturing requires digital Threads throughout the entire lifecycle to achieve digitisation of the entire lifecycle. To reach specific industry application scenarios, upstream and downstream enterprises in the industry chain are required. Work together, including equipment providers, software developers, system integrators, service providers, end users, etc..” Schneider Electric’s global executive vice president, industrial automation business leader He Weike believes that with the open green intelligence The manufacturing ecosystem is expanding continuously, and there will be more and more cases of close cooperation between upstream and downstream enterprises in the industry chain.

For example, Xiyun data, which is well-known for its extensive and deep IoT, artificial intelligence, and big data analysis services from the edge to the cloud , combines Schneider Electric’s in-depth cooperation in the fields of smart heating, smart logistics, and intelligent manufacturing. Customers provide a more complete solution; Laiwu Steel leverages Schneider Electric’s customised solutions for its blast furnace control systems, integrating its expertise in the steel industry to provide integrated digital transformation solutions for customers in the industry; to carry out intelligent manufacturing services business, Schneider electric has been with Deloitte and Sadie intelligent manufacturing and other businesses work to integrate their respective advantages in resources on intelligent manufacturing consulting, strategic planning, evaluation and practice, deep intelligent manufacturing needs of industrial enterprises; more and Kunlun Data works together to empower industrial companies with industrial big data and smart technologies to enable data-driven intelligent decision making and improve usability, reliability and efficiency.

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