Horizon Europe: the new update to Horizon 2020 projects

The European Commission pitches new Horizon 2020 projects

The European Commission has pitched a range of broad projects for EU research missions which expand the focus of Horizon 2020 projects.The research missions will be incorporated into the Horizon Europe programme, which was announced earlier this year.

The previous Horizon 2020 projects will be succeeded by Horizon Europe. The Horizon Europe programme is a research and innovation initiative worth €100 billion.

The European Commission said: “Horizon Europe will incorporate policy missions to ensure the effectiveness of research and innovation funding by pursuing clearly defined targets. The Commission has engaged policy experts to develop studies, case studies and reports on how a mission-oriented policy approach will work.”

Expanding the scope of Horizon 2020 projects

The European Commission said that the new Horizon Europe programme is: “A problem solving approach to innovation-led growth.”

The European Commission have released a report on mission-based European research and innovation. It added: “The report is the result of Professor Mariana Mazzucato’s academic reflections based on her research with input from internal and external stakeholders of the European Commission.”

The European Commission says that by implementing the new Horizon Europe framework programme they will make progress on the previous Horizon 2020 projects. They have identified the following changes that are needed to improve the Horizon 2020 projects and create Horizon Europe.

These changes are:

  • Making it easier for citizens to understand the value of investments in research and innovation
  • Maximising the impact of investments by setting clearer targets and expected impact when addressing global challenges

The research missions

The European Commission has identified several fields for potential research missions. These are:

  • Faster and safer use of health innovations
  • Global health partnerships;
  • Key digital technologies;
  • Metrology;
  • Air traffic management;
  • Aviation;
  • Rail;
  • Fuel-cell and hydrogen technologies; and
  • Bio-based solutions.

European Commission research partnerships

The European Commission has also outlined options for potential industry partnerships in the future. Many of these are to succeed existing industry partnerships. These will create a research partnership involving SMEs, companies, universities, and research organisations.

Horizon Europe will be launched in January 2021.

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