How organic farming is changing Northern China

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The adoption of organic farming in Shanxi, Northern China, is attracting investment and supplying a sustainable food source to the less economically successful.

On the occasion of the 6th  International Forum of the organic farming community Chehe, held recently in Datong in the province of Shanxi in Northern China on the theme of “Organic Farming and High Quality Development”, several experts and academics gathered to discuss the development of organic farming.

They highlighted the fact that the development of organic farming was an important step towards increasing the high-quality development of Shanxi agriculture, including organic farming without irrigation. The Chehe Biological Model, a community village in Lingqiu County of Datong, is the result of long-term planning, industry support, commercial operation and public participation.

With a total area of ​​27 km2, Chehe, where agriculture is a major source of income, comprises 32 poor households, or 77 out of 182 villagers.

With its advantages in terms of natural ecological resources, Longqiu has been striving to build organic farms since 2013, particularly through the Chehe organic development pilot project enterprise.

The adoption of a development mode combining “Agriculture, Ecotourism and Village Reconstruction”, prompted the county’s largest industrial enterprise to invest in organic farming, to create a business specialising in the management of organic farming and to carry out projects for organic farming, farming and processing.

The land transfer played an important role in the construction of Chehe, allowing villagers to earn income through land transfer, tourism services, labour services and dividends paid by the village. business.

The transfer of 1,213 mu of arable land has been completed in Chehe: 200 mu (about 0,13 km2) of land has been newly developed, 500 mu (about 0,33 km2) of land has been renovated and 700 mu (about 0.47 km2) were developed for organic farming of coarse grains, vegetables and others.

The Chehe International Forum on Organic Agriculture, which serves as a communication platform for practitioners of organic farming, not only highlighted the wisdom of experts and academics, but also helped Lingqiu to attract investment and thus transform this poor mountainous area by applying ideological concepts and industrial formats, “said Zhang Qiang, Lingqiu County Party Leader and Deputy Director of Datong Municipal People’s Congress Standing Committee.

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