Renewable Iceland: The benefits of renewable geothermal energy

Iceland Geothermal presents the benefits of renewable geothermal energy, and the Icelandic model as a blueprint for Europe

The geothermal sector in Iceland is constantly developing and has been since the hot spring area in Reykjavik was designed and constructed for open air laundering. At the same time indirect utilisation took place by drilling in geothermal fields to mine sulphur. Today more than 90% of all industrial facilities and residences in the country are heated by geothermal water and roughly 30% of all electricity generated comes from geothermal power plants. The remaining electricity demand is supplied by hydropower plants, making Iceland’s electricity 100% renewable.

Iceland: Unique Potential

Iceland stands on the geological fault line of the North American and Eurasian continental plates. Its situation provides this country of just 330,000 people with a unique opportunity to develop world-leading geothermal technology that can provide a blueprint for a special kind of renewable energy.

The capital, Reykjavík, has had geothermally heated pavements for decades, combatting the often harsh winter conditions that this island high in the North Atlantic is known for. For even longer, the intrepid Icelandic people have used the waters from geothermal springs for bathing, even when the air temperature is in the negative.

Today, Iceland is moving forward with this most precious of natural resources. In this booklet, Iceland Geothermal presents the benefits of renewable geothermal energy, and the Icelandic model as a potential exemplar for Europe, discussing:

Iceland is a leader in designing, constructing and operating CHP geothermal power plants, generating renewable power as well as thermal power for district heating and industrial processes. It is also known for its clean and renewable energy, and the Icelandic case is here presented as a potential blueprint for similar energy transitions throughout Europe.


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