The inspirational women in STEM who work towards a sustainable planet

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Today is International Women and Girls in Science Day. The United Nations environment is celebrating four  women in STEM who they see as inspirational, and are working towards a sustainable planet.

The United Nations environment programme has asked four people they deem inspirational women in STEM, ranging from Young Champions of the Earth to the Chief Executive Office of Future Tech Lab, what their advice is to other women and girls to want to follow these career paths.

Inspirational women in STEM

The following women have been listed by the UN as inspirational women in STEM in their article.

Miroslava Duma, is the chief executive officer and founder of Future Tech Lab. She said: “My background in fashion and digital journalism had exposed me to the two areas in a very complementing way, so it was almost natural for me to develop my career further in the field of fashion tech.”

She is a digital entrepreneur, philanthropist and active investor across businesses including digital media, technology and responsible fashion. She believes that: “Companies should lead by example and hire the incredible female talent that already exists in this field. ”

Miao Wang is a citizen scientist, Young Champion of the Earth for Asia and the Pacific, and founder of Better Blue. She said:”It is essential that we use professional and scientific methods to promote conservation. While our understanding of science makes us the dominant creatures of the planet, we also must use science to invent powerful solutions to the problems we cause

Happiness and satisfaction in your life depends on your inner peace and on recognizing your own value. As women in science, curiosity, courage and persistence define our character. ”

Heba Al Fara is an environmental engineer, Young Champion of the Earth for West Asia, founder of the Women in Energy and Environment Organization, and LEED Green Associate.

Heba says she has not had an easy path: “I have faced a lot of challenges in my life—every day is risky in Gaza, Palestine. I felt unsafe, and it was not easy to realize dreams in that kind of environment.”

Her advice is: “Focus on what you want to make and be in life, work on your passions and always keep believing in your dreams. Science is for everyone. As women in science, we must engage and share our stories.”

Miranda Wang is a biologist and engineer, Young Champion of the Earth for North America, and Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of BioCellection, Inc.

Miranda said developing solutions to the plastic problem “required grit, curiosity and faith.”

“My advice to other women and girls is to go after big, audacious challenges. Find a friend and commit to your partner so that you can go farther together. Do what you know will shake the world, don’t stop, tune out the noise and keep going. ”

Young Champions of the Earth

If you’ve been inspired by their stories, it is still possible to apply to be a Young Champion of the Earth here.

The selection process is as follows:

  1. The open call for applications will run until 31 March 2019.
  2. Finalists will be short-listed by UN experts.
  3. In the final stage, a Global Jury will review the World Finalists’ big ideas and choose seven Young Champions of the Earth.
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