The Internet of Everything: exceeding bandwidth demands with Graphene

The internet of everything: exceeding bandwidth demands with Graphene
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Researchers in the Graphene Flagship Project, one of the European Commission’s biggest research initiatives, has shown that integrated graphene-based photonic devices will offer a unique solution in the Internet of Everything market and exceed bandwidth demands.

The new research outlines the potential for the Graphene Flagship Project and graphene-based photonic devices to meet the bandwidth demands for the Internet of Everything. The Graphene Flagship Project is an industrial and academic partnership, combining companies and research centres across five European countries.

The Internet of Everything

The Internet of Everything as an intelligent network of people, process, data and things, is a market which necessitates unique technologies. The researchers believe that graphene has the potential to succeed in the Internet of Everything market and exceed bandwidth demands. Andrea C. Ferrari, a professor at the University of Cambridge, Science and Technology Officer of the Graphene Flagship and Chair of its Management Panel, said: “The advent of the Internet of Things and the 5G era represent unique opportunities for graphene to demonstrate its ultimate potential.”

How can graphene exceed bandwidth demands?

The Internet of Everything involves consumer devices with advanced digital technology. Wolfgang Templ, the head of transceiver research at Nokia Bell Labs in Germany, which is a Graphene Flagship partner, said: “As conventional semiconductor technologies are approaching their physical limitations we need to explore entirely new technologies to realise our most ambitious visions of a future networked global society…Graphene promises a significant step in performance of key components for optical and radio communications beyond the performance limits of today’s conventional semiconductor-based component technologies.”

Paola Galli from the Nokia IP and Optical networks, added: “Graphene photonics offer a combination of advantages to become the game changer. We need to explore new materials to go beyond the limits of current technologies and meet the capacity needs of future networks.”

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