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The 2019 Taoyuan Agriculture Expo will be introducing new Taiwanese agricultural machinery to the agricultural sector at home and abroad.

The 2019 Taoyuan Agriculture Expo will be held between September 28 and October 27. To introduce outstanding Taiwanese agricultural machinery to the agricultural sector at home and abroad, the Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan (COA) specially designed the Innovative Agricultural Machinery Pavilion as a part of the 2019 Taoyuan Agriculture Expo.

Following last year’s success, this year’s exhibition will present Taiwan’s high-quality small and medium-sized agricultural machinery and improved technologies with efforts to increase the international visibility of Taiwanese agricultural machinery technology.

In recent years, the development of agricultural machinery has played an essential role in the marked improvement of Taiwanese agricultural technology and farming efficiency. To catch up with the international expo design trend, the 2019 Innovative Agricultural Machinery Pavilion has been created as a stand-alone pavilion with a specific theme. The concept is ‘Smart Agricultural Lifestyle’, with the goal of promoting excellent Taiwanese agricultural machinery in collaboration with local brands.

Taiwan has been promoting agricultural mechanisation for over 60 years. Today, Taiwan’s small-sized agricultural machinery is sold to more than 40 countries around the globe. Its high-quality and fair price have been widely acknowledged in the international community. In recent years, due to the focus shifting from the domestic market to the international market, the Taiwanese agricultural machinery sector has successfully transitioned to an export-oriented industry. While the industry has been striving to expand its existing international market, under the New Southbound Policy, the COA specially invited Southeast Asian international buyers and manufacturers to the Expo this year. Through exhibiting Taiwan’s internationally competitive R&D achievements in agricultural machinery, Taiwanese agricultural machinery hopefully will receive significantly more opportunities to expand  into Southeast Asian countries.

The 2019 Innovative Agricultural Machinery Pavilion will present the R&D achievements in Taiwanese agricultural machinery. It is hoped that through international exchanges and collaborations on agricultural technology, the uniquely innovative technology of Taiwanese agriculture will shine on the international stage. In addition, students from colleges and universities have been invited to this year’s Expo to hold robot-in-the-field games; through attending the Expo, students can gain a deeper understanding of smart agriculture. Lasting for a period of one month, the Expo is going to present exciting activities and is estimated to attract 100,000 visitors.

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