Introducing the world’s largest fungal research centre

Fungal foot infection
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The Medical Research Council (MRC) Centre for Medical Mycology has relocated from Aberdeen to the University of Exeter in order to create one of the world’s largest groups of fungal research experts.

Fungal infections are linked to more than 1.5 million death worldwide. Candida auris is one of the more serious fungi to infect human, this is due to its multi-drug resistant properties.

“This move places Exeter at the forefront of fungal research at a critical time,” said Professor Gordon Brown, director of the centre.

“It will complement and enhance Exeter’s existing strengths in living systems, life sciences and medicine.

“Together, Exeter’s researchers will play a leading role in improving the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of fungal disease.”

Professor Neil Gow, Deputy Vice Chancellor for Research and Impact at the University of Exeter, said: “This move will create a world-leading centre in the field of medical mycology which will establish our position as an international leader in health and life sciences, and in particular biomedical research as well as in mycology and microbiology in general.

“Our researchers will benefit from collaboration and interaction with the exceptional scientists and researchers within the MRC Centre for Medical Mycology.

“The centre has a global reputation and will bring with it further opportunities for international collaboration in this field.”

Dr Anna Kinsey, Programme Manager for Infections and Immunity at the Medical Research Council, said: “Fungal diseases can cause serious illness and death in patients with vulnerable immune systems and they are an increasingly important challenge to global human health, especially given their emerging resistance to anti-fungal drugs.

“The Medical Research Council Centre for Medical Mycology boosts research into tackling fungal diseases and strengthens the links between laboratory and clinical research to help address this important challenge to human health.”

Expanding on the international network of research activity, the centre aims to conduct research activity on low and middle-income countries which suffer from the greatest number of fungal-related diseases.


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