Joint testing on advanced tumours is “a great success”

Tumour treatment
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Specialised Medical Services oncology (SMS) and Cytovation have signed an agreement to conduct phase I/II trial with CyPep-1 in patients who have advanced solid tumours.

SMS oncology are one of the few full-service contract research organisation that exclusively researches oncology. SMS oncology specialises in early phase cancers, paediatrics and immuno-oncology trials.

SMS oncology, for the sake of this research, is now partnered with Cytovation. Cytovation is based in Norway. The research group has built over 15 years worth of cutting edge research and specialises in tumour biology.

Through preclinical and toxicology studies, Cytovation has progressed its lead candidate a first class lytic agent, CyPep-1. The unique pharmacological properties of CyPep-1 target lyses tumour cell membrane. After the cell has been targeted by CyPep-1 it begins to die, releasing tumour antigens triggering a tumour specific immune response.

The test is designed to evaluate the safety, efficacy and potency of the drug in patients with advanced solid cancers. The test will involve approximately 18 patients, with the protocol and guidance for the test being provided by SMS oncology.

CEO of Cytovation, Mr. Kjell-Inge said: “We are excited CyPep-1 is now progressing to the next phase of development, which is an important step for our company. We are pleased with selecting SMS-oncology as our partner in this transition to clinic. From the initial discussions, they lived up to their reputation as experts in the field of early phase and immuno-oncology trials. Preparations of the trial are moving forward in a fast pace, and we feel confident our trial will be conducted in an optimal and valuable matter with our goals is mind.”

Ms. Philine van den Tol, CEO of SMS-oncology: “We are delighted to support Cytovation and look forward to jointly make the CyPep-1 trial a great success. It is exactly these type of innovative projects SMS-oncology leverages great experience in, and beyond all, is passionate about. The enthusiasm of Cytovation is catching and our team can’t wait to see results of this promising first-in-class lytic compound.”

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