ICCI: International Cannabis and Cannabinoids Institute

ICCI: International Cannabis and Cannabinoids Institute

ICCI, the first Center of Excellence in the cannabis field, is an organisation that combines various institutions (universities, high-tech companies, associations) which consequently provide services to a broad array of entities around the world interested in the development of cannabis and cannabinoids as medicine.

AN undeniable global interest in the study of cannabis treatments has inspired the creation of the International Cannabis and Cannabinoids Institute (ICCI), the first Center of Excellence in this field. Located in the heart of Europe – the Czech Republic – ICCI identifies, co-ordinates, and supports global research priorities for the advancement of cannabis and cannabinoid treatments through a multidisciplinary evidence-based approach that incorporates innovative tools and knowhow. ICCI includes a staff of global experts and a network of over 40 universities, hi-tech companies, and institutions from around the world that serve as an international research and educational hub designed to meet the needs of the ever growing cannabis industry.

The potential of cannabis and cannabinoid treatments

Our experts know that unleashing the true potential of cannabis and cannabinoid treatments requires a cross-disciplinary approach that captures the current knowledge base across the fields of biomedical research, social science, life sciences, and policy research. This approach allows ICCI to identify and solve barriers to advancements and create platforms for shared knowledge. The diverse interest in cannabis and cannabinoid research spans across academia, research institutes, private endowments, governments, medical professionals, patient advocacy organisations, health services providers and product manufactures.

ICCI’s primary mission is to advance research in cannabis therapeutics and has established the infrastructure and expertise to do so. ICCI’s world renowned staff and advisors have identified and built the tools needed to allow cannabis medications and research to advance. ICCI internally developed innovations through various services and partnerships and makes these innovations available to cannabis, biotech, agriculture, laboratory and medical professional industries. The team of specialists is comprised of physicians and experts from drug development and patient advocacy organisations, healthcare systems, scientific teams of the United Nations, and government bodies and members from the International Narcotics Control Board (INCB) and the United Nations Committee on Narcotics Drugs (UNCND) who are authoring and passing legislation globally. All of this is supported by strong liaisons with patient organisations.

It is this combination of experience and relationships along with a thorough understanding of various methods of treatment with cannabis and cannabinoids that provides ICCI with a unique knowledge of how to react to the rapid changes in legislative processes in individual nations. ICCI offers a deep understanding of the possibilities of medical cannabis for the needs of patients, particularly those that modern medical science may have failed to serve. Our efforts with cannabis-based medicine are always based on the needs of the patient and requirements of the examining physician. Our educational efforts provide the foundation needed for disseminating the knowledge needed by all stakeholders in this dynamic area of medical science and law.

Medical cannabis and cannabinoids: A unique opportunity

ICCI offers an unique opportunity for everyone wanting to understand and utilise the opportunities that medical cannabis offers.

ICCI is a modern leadership hub that brings order to the disruption the medical cannabis industry represents, and gives it meaning that is both salient and relevant. We offer our clients and partners insights into the specific experiences of medical cannabis patients, the physicians who prescribe it, and research and development professionals who study this complex herb. Our experience also expands to the entire supply and care chain including hospital administrators, and healthcare specialists searching for a path towards efficient yet effective treatment. ICCI also supports government bodies and organisations working on legislative processes in their respective countries that aim to make medical cannabis accessible to the public.

ICCI is the largest private investment into medical research in the Czech Republic in recent years. Through its research efforts, ICCI is increasing the understanding of this plant and how to prepare it as needed medicine and innovative treatment method to benefit every patient.

Working with ICCI’s experts and services can save clients months and even years thereby rapidly advancing their value proposition, while improving quality for patients and elevating standards in the industry.

  • PROTECT your business and your clients
  • FIND and open new sales opportunities
    and channels
  • MOVE your business to the next quality level
  • INCREASE the proficiency of your staff
  • ICCI services has embarked on a mission to develop the world of cannabis providing a wide range of services directed to companies, patients, and medical professionals.
  • ICCI Patient Focused Certification
  • PFC (Patient Focused Certification) is an independent certification program assessing the quality of cannabis-based products. The PFC programme provides key groundwork and oversight for the cannabis industry and related processes. We give guidance in all major areas of the cannabis industry including: cultivation, medicine, food, extracts, cosmetics, laboratory and other arenas.

Due to growing interest and need for further scientific investigation on cannabis medicine, there are unique risks for consumers. The PFC framework is cannabis specific. Through our certification programme, we are able to prevent the major consumer risks, such as heavy metal contamination, pesticides, pathogens (mould/microbes, fungus & bacteria), environmental contamination, adulterants, and the presence of residual solvents. Our analysis capabilities also ensure that products have a known amount of cannabinoids present. In 2017, our PFC programme conducted the world’s first independent testing on the quality of CBD products available in the European Union. Our findings demonstrate the great need for safety standard certification for cannabis based products across the industry.

What is the purpose of a certification?

An increasing number of cannabis cultivators, manufacturers, laboratories, and retailers are requesting that their suppliers dedicate themselves to safe; tested cannabis products. PFC gives consumers a way to recognise goods that were produced with the highest safety standards. It also enables companies to demonstrate their commitment towards maximum quality standards to patients, consumers, governments, and other stakeholders. PFC requirements integrate processes that control and minimize health and safety hazards for consumers and the cannabis and cannabinoids industry as a whole.

PFC helps to identify best practices for cannabis entities so they can form a new baseline quality management system optimal for their unique situation. Our programme unifies cannabis cultivation standards from world renowned entities such as the European Medicine Agency (EMA), the European Herb Growers Association, American Herbal Products Association, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, British Retail Consortium, European Commission, European Parliament and Council, U.S. Food and Drug Administration, Government of Canada – Health Canada, International Organization for Standardization, Food Supplements Europe, Pharmaceutical Inspection Convention, the World Health Organization (WHO), and others. We believe that exceptional safety standards will encourage the highest level of cannabis product quality for those who would benefit from their use.

Benefits of certification for patients and consumers:

  •  Verified products quality
  • Contaminants testing
  • Trained staff
  • Legal requirements
  • Recall procedures
  • Independent complaint hotline


Benefits of certification for industry:

  • Regulatory inspections
  • Reducing service and product liability
  • Peace of mind for customers and regulators
  • Diminishing audit burdens
  • Streamlining efficiency
  • Ongoing compliance and risk management
  • Promotes a positive public image
  • Benefits of certification for regulators:
  • Ensuring consumer safety
  • Standardisation of cannabis analysis
  • Industry trainings and education
  • Auditing options
  • Monitoring regulation violations
  • Ongoing compliance systems

Benefits of certification for medical practitioners:

  • Up-to-date best practices
  • Easy navigation within a complex market
  • Assisting patients to choose their medicine with confidence
  •  Product access with strict criteria

Contract research organisation

ICCI leverages its extensive experience and expertise in all aspects of medical cannabis clinical product development under the leadership of medical cannabis pioneer, Ethan Russo, MD, ICCI-Director of Research and Development in partnership with leading medical research institutions/principal investigators in Czech Republic, Israel, Canada, Australia and USA.

ICCI incorporates the latest research and innovation techniques to meet the needs unique to the design, management and data analysis of medical cannabis related clinical trials. The breadth of ICCI’s partnerships allows us to offer these services across multiple disease indications and phases. ICCI’s clinical development partners have cumulative experience with more than 200 completed clinical studies and other 200+ studies on-going.

Cannabis metabolomics services

Recent developments in analytical chemistry (Mass Spectrometry and Chromatography), bioinformatics and advanced data analysis have enabled the new field of Metabolomics. ICCI offers cannabis metabolomics services to assist companies to identify optimal cannabis chemovars, growing and processing methods for their cannabis-based products for various medical and other commercial applications.

Cannabis and cannabinoids education

International Cannabis and Cannabinoids Institute (ICCI) is partnering with www.TheAnswerPage.com to provide quality, continuing medical education (CME accredited) medical cannabis lessons for medical professionals globally through a special
e-learning course.

The medical use of cannabis and cannabinoids is now a reality or on the political and medical agenda in many countries around the world. However, education concerning medical cannabis and cannabinoids is not being offered as a part of standard medical curricula.

ICCI and TheAnswerpage.org will fill this educational gap by offering medical professionals tools to navigate the legal requirements for prescribing cannabis to their patients and includes an array of (CME) courses. Written by recognised world experts, including Dr Raphael Mechoulam, this online education programme provides a comprehensive and in-depth introduction to the endocannabinoid system, and cannabis therapeutics and their clinical indications. The content, and its presentation, are designed to be of educational value and interest for those new to medical cannabis, as well as for those with years of experience in this area of clinical practice.

Plant research services

ICCI has experience in all areas of cannabis research and husbandry, from deciphering the complexities of the metabolome (complete biochemical composition) of the plant, regulation of biosynthesis, genetic strategies in plant breeding, tissue culture and vegetative propagation (‘cloning’), greenhouse, field culture and more.

Big Data services

ICCI utilises Big Data platforms and tools to provide a variety of research services for product manufacturers and distributors, laboratories and research institutes, medical professionals/individual patients, universities and private institutions.
A major challenge in designing cannabis related clinical research is the complexity of the active compounds found in the plant and the vast reach of the cannabinoid receptors in almost every action in human body.

Big Data tools are able to relate the acquired data to a particular diagnosis, location and local supplier, or to a comprehensively described cannabis model. It allows us to embody an idea of a medical cannabis consumer, profile his (and potential customer group’s) trends behaviour and match patient’s condition with collected big data profile of optimal cannabis preparations, while maintaining anonymity of individuals. Big data acquired directly from patients can be compared with data given by manufacturers to their products.

Consulting services

ICCIs consulting services include the full range of skills necessary to pursue research or cannabis commerce: clinical trial protocol evaluation or generation de novo, laboratory set-up and quality assurance, market access evaluation, recommendations and strategies to obtain cannabis chemovars for specific purposes, interpretation of analyses, quality control in plant husbandry, production and distribution of cannabis products.

Attempting cannabis commerce in the world today is akin to attempting to negotiating a minefield successfully. It cannot be achieved without careful consideration of each new step. Fortunately, the ICCI team has extensive experience in finding the safe path through local, national and international treaty laws to help ensure that your efforts remain safe and successful. Strategies are not always quick, or simple, but we can provide the advice necessary to maximise chances of good results.

Regulatory affairs

The greatest mistake that companies make when entering the pharmaceutical market is to think that they can shortcut the process or negotiate on their own with regulatory bodies in the EU, Canada, the FDA, or Japan. It is only through the assistance of experienced professionals that is it possible to avoid initial errors that can slow or totally derail an otherwise promising research program.

Through our knowledge of Good Agricultural Practice (GAP), Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) and Good Clinical Practice (GCP), and experience with the governmental agencies that oversee pharmaceutical development, ICCI can offer you the best opportunity to succeed in product development and launch to market with the fewest missteps and wasted expenditure.

ICCI is a unique place for those who see the future of medical science in the area of biomedicine, and are searching for a platform for investment, sharing, development or education in this area. Thus, in Prague, the green light shines for everyone wanting to quickly forge a pathway to the future.

Pavel Kubu
International Cannabis and Cannabinoids Institute
+42 07751 92888
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