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Pioneers of digital forestry, forest management and big data

There exist more than 16 million private forestry stakeholders and forest owners within Europe.

MHG Systems is a pioneer in offering full digital services from forest management to biomass/timber end utilisation. A one-stop digital shop solution by integrating multiple forestry data sources to single web and mobile application services.

MHG Systems Finland – the pioneer in forestry vision

12 years ago, a vision started developing in Mikkeli, Finland, from the owner of 500 hectares of forestry land. He was suffering from with the management of his forest property in an easy and profitable way. Then the vision, named MHG Systems, was designed to tackle his problem and revolutionise forestry, as well as the forest and biomass supply chain business, through digital services.

This journey began with €850,000 investment in several steps from the owners of MHG Systems. After that, several worthy funding injections took place from multiple EU research projects (LogistEC, CASTLE, SLOPE & Databio projects) and EU H2020 SME phase I, totalling €1m.

Today, MHG Systems is one of the most innovative and fastest growing forestry SMEs in the EU, with more than 3,000 commercial users in Wuudis as well as in several EU projects. The MHG Systems committed team of 8-10 multidisciplinary professionals makes this challenging journey possible. Currently, MHG Systems offers four services:

  • Wuudis (Forest & Data): Full-service digital forest property management platform connecting forest owners with local contractors, timber/biomass buyers and authorities;
  • MHG Biomass Manager: The most complete solution for bioenergy production, procurement, managing, harvesting and logistics;
  • MHG Mobile: Mobile real-time management of forest assets, biomass and human resources enabling more productive business models; and
  • MHG BioPlant Optimiser: Feasibility assessment service for Bioenergy Investment.

EU-wide forestry market

Forestry is not only a major industry in Finland but is growing in other EU countries. The EU28 had close to 182 million hectares of forest and other wooded land.

The growing stock of timber in forests and other wooded land in the EU28 amount to 26.7 billion m3 (over bark) in 2015.

In terms of level of investment, for 21 EU member states, €2.9bn was invested in forestry and logging in 2013, and almost half of the investment that took place could be attributed to Sweden, Finland and Germany.

The labour productivity of the forestry and logging sector (calculated as gross value added per person employed) also varied substantially across the EU in 2013. The highest levels of labour productivity using this measure were recorded in Sweden (€156,400 per person employed) and Finland (€152,500 per person employed). Source: Eurostat

This definitely shows the healthy position overall and future forecasts are promising for forestry markets.

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  • Easy data sharing and networking in the forest business ecosystem;
  • Monitoring and quality control tools for forest authorities, forest owners and other stakeholders;
  • Timber and biomass trading, and care works tendering e-market place; and
  • Remote sensing monitoring: Forestry site data collection and elaboration will analyse, collect and extract the information needed for the implementation of the forest inventory system from RS (satellite, aerial, UAV) and field surveys.

MHG Systems has been selected for funding in the recent round of the Horizon 2020 SME phase 1 instrument. Wuudis was proposed for the first phase of the instrument, meaning that MHG Systems received €50,000 to finance feasibility studies for new products that can disrupt the forestry and bioenergy market.

Interested in Horizon 2020 calls where we can implement and pilot Wuudis Service with standardised interfaces with authority and third party systems in new European forestry and agriculture business environments.


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