Monitoring vehicle emissions: the JRC’s new laboratories

Monitoring vehicle emissions: the JRC's new laboratories
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The Joint Research Centre (JRC) is launching two world-class laboratories for the purpose of monitoring vehicle emissions to assist consumers and meet the European Commission’s new regulations.

The JRC is the science and information service for the European Commission, and will be implementing the testing on behalf of the European Commission to fulfil the new European emission legislation by monitoring vehicle emissions. The JRC’s Sustainable Transport Unit is already recognised for scientific research on electrical and hybrid cars.

The two laboratories are called VELA 10 and VELA 11 and are scheduled to start monitoring vehicle emissions by testing cars in 2020.The building is likely to be ready in February 2019, so that the installation of testing equipment can begin.

The laboratories

The purpose of the laboratories is to monitor and check that vehicles comply with the type approval regulation and the new emissions limits both on the road or in the laboratory. Alongside monitoring vehicle emissions, the testing will also include safety related issues, specifically with regard to brakes and passenger protection.

Monitoring vehicle emissions

The new type-approval rules to ensure safer and cleaner cars will be implemented from September 2020 onwards, in order to raise the quality level and independence of testing and vehicle type-approval. This will increase monitoring of vehicle emissions for cars that are already in the EU market.

To achieve this, the Commission will undertake market checks independent of EU member states. The Commission will have the potential for initiating EU-wide product recalls and the ability to impose fines of up to impose fines of up to €30,000 for each non-compliant car.

Piotr Szymanski, the Director of the Energy, Transport and Climate Directorate, said: “The signature of this contract provides a clear message that the JRC is committed to deliver on its new role.It also reassures consumers that the emissions performance of new vehicles accurately reflects their expected performance under real world driving conditions.”

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