Montreal could become carbon neutral by 2050

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All buildings in Montreal could be made carbon neutral by 2050, according to Martin Roy, president of engineering consulting firm Martin Roy and Associates.

At the launch of the renewed mission and the new corporate image of the firm engineer Martin Roy commented on the ambitious announcements made recently for a Canada and for a carbon-neutral Montreal real estate park by 2050.

“At the country level, there will certainly be issues of resilience of this goal in the face of” political change “, the effects of which are sometimes as devastating as a flood that brings with it all that has been undertaken. At the level of the City of Montreal and more specifically the objectives announced for a carbon neutral real estate park by 2050, I am much more optimistic and I believe that it is possible to achieve this. However, it is important to quickly mobilise stakeholders who have this goal as a priority. It’s not an easy exercise to do, but the work is worth it because at the project level, it’s possible. Design approaches, benchmarks, modelling tools, green materials and technologies to achieve this exist. Developing solutions to achieve carbon neutrality in buildings and transport is part of our daily lives at MRA. “recalls the president.

Just like the opening of an office in Saguenay, which quickly rose to the forefront in its market, the recent opening of a new office in Quebec City is a real success. Specialised in energy simulations and building science, the firm has obtained several mandates in Western Canada and New York .

The event was an opportunity for the new partner and director of the office of MRA Quebec, André Legault, to share its success and to salute the work of his team: “Already, the mandates in the West of the country represent nearly 50 % of our turnover. As for the American market, New York has just passed Bill 97 which aims to reduce emissions from existing buildings. There are targets for 2024 and 2029 and $ 250 finesper tonne for companies that do not reach the targets. It is the most progressive law in North America in the building sector to counteract global warming. Our expertise is therefore highly appreciated because we are among the companies that manage to maximise savings while reaching the targets. The American market accounts for 25% of our turnover and it is increasing. We have a strong team and I am very proud of everyone’s work! With the imminent arrival of a new regulation modifying the energy code in Quebec, our state-of-the-art expertise will be very useful to builders, architects and authorities who are aiming for carbon neutrality in 2050.”

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