JPND has updated its Research and Innovation Strategy for neurodegenerative disease research

An image of neurons to illustrate neurodegenerative disease research
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The JPND has launched its updated Research and Innovation Strategy for neurodegenerative disease research to provide a unified framework for the support of world class research in this area.

According to the JPND (the EU Joint Programme – Neurodegenerative Disease Research initiative)Neurodegenerative diseases are one of the world’s leading medical and societal challenges and there are now expected to be 50 million people worldwide suffering from related disorders. The strategy for neurodegenerative disease research aims to tackle this.

Some of the common goals outlined by the JPND are:

  • The origins and progression of neurodegenerative diseases;
  • Disease mechanisms and models;
  • Diagnosis, prognosis and disease definitions;
  • Developing therapies, preventive strategies and interventions; and
  • Health and social care.

Dr Barbara Kerstiëns, Head of the unit responsible for Non-Communicable Diseases and the Challenge of Healthy Ageing in the European Commissions’ Directorate-General for Research & Innovation, said:  “The European Commission recognises that JPND has been instrumental in addressing Neurodegenerative Diseases research by aligning and coordinating national efforts among Member States and other countries, reducing fragmentation and duplication in research and overall increasing the effectiveness and impact of research in this field.”

Tackling Alzheimer’s disease

Professor Philippe Amouyel, University of Lille, France and Chair of the JPND Management Board added: “The challenge is to tackle neurodegeneration, and in particular, Alzheimer’s disease through an unprecedented collaboration at the European level and beyond. The ultimate goal is to facilitate the cooperation of researchers, to reduce fragmentation, to prevent unnecessary doubling of efforts and to pool and organise resources on a voluntary basis for the benefit of the populations. Our RIS forms the basis for current and future JPND initiatives, as well as a fundamental reference point for the national and strategic plans. It provides a global and common framework for future investment that addresses how countries can effectively improve prevention, diagnosis, treatment and patient care.”

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