2030: Ideas for open digital innovation in research

2030: Ideas for open digital innovation in research
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The Fraunhofer Group for Innovation Research has published a new paper outlining ideas for achieving open digital innovation in research by 2030.

The new paper is called “Understanding change, shaping the future – Ideas for the future of innovation” and presents ideas for achieving open digital innovation in future research and development.

The future of open digital innovation

The Fraunhofer Group for Innovation Research has suggest hypotheses on the future of open digital innovation.

“The five hypotheses are:

  • Thesis 1:In 2030, openness, the ability to learn and cooperation will be the guiding principles of innovation.
  • Thesis 2:In 2030, integrated solutions will be the focus of innovation activities.
  • Thesis 3:In 2030, innovation processes will be fully digitized.
  • Thesis 4:In 2030, knowledge will be open to all – the challenge will be to apply it profitably.
  • Thesis 5:In 2030, Europe will enjoy unique global competitive advantages in terms of data security and sovereignty.”

Open access and digitalisation

Prof. Wilhelm Bauer, Chairman of the Fraunhofer Group for Innovation Research, commented: “With digitalization as the driving force, we are already seeing increased public access to information, more innovation at the points of interface between different disciplines, and integrated solutions taking the place of isolated products or services.”

Bauer adds: “On the basis of our five hypotheses on trends relevant to innovation, we have provided business, politics, research and society at large with concrete guidance on next steps. For instance, every company should already be looking to implement a framework for digital action. Another interesting consideration is how companies might be able to profit from publicly available knowledge and open standards.”

Will this benefit German business?

Prof. Reimund Neugebauer, the President of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, said: “We need even more dynamism to build on the excellent quality of our innovation system. Only then can German business secure its leading position internationally over the long term – in terms of both system-relevant innovation and the associated societal changes.”

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