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Clifford Holt - SciTech Europa

Clifford Holt

Senior Editor, SciTech Europa Quarterly Editor

Cliff has a Master’s degree in English literature which focused on literary representations of ‘radical’ science during the Romantic period (his dissertation has since been published).

He joined Pan European Networks in 2011 and, building on his academic achievements and having gained subsequent extensive experience in scientific publishing, his professional interests now lie in communicating a range of scientific and technical subjects to as wide an audience as possible.

He lives in Cheshire with his partner and two young children.

Email: cliff@scitecheuropa.eu
Telephone: +44 (0)1260 273 802

Courtney Garner | SciTech Europa

Courtney Garner

SciTech Europa Digital Editor

Courtney studied a Bachelor’s degree in English and then a Masters degree in Film and Literature at the University of York, where she graduated in 2017.

She joined Pan European Networks as the Editor of SciTech Europa in 2018 and is now responsible for researching and writing daily news stories on European scientific and technological developments.

Outside of work, Courtney enjoys going to the theatre and reading novels, and is learning to speak Dutch.

Email: courtney@scitecheuropa.eu
Telephone: +44 (0)1260 273 802

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