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Addressing unmet clinical needs in burns and trauma by developing personalised skin

CUTISS AG is at the forefront of innovation in developing personalised skin solutions to the clinical problem of scar tissue and its development.

Scarring can create ongoing and lifelong problems and are associated with significant recovery periods and increased need for care in the home, impairment of mobility and growth, the requirement for further corrective surgeries not to mention the psychological and psychosocial impact. Cutiss AG are therefore developing personalised skin solutions to meet this very need.

Within human skin it is the dermis which controls and regulates scarring, and yet the current standard of care harvests a thin layer of healthy skin for grafting containing the intact epidermis, but only traces of the dermis which would promote more comprehensive healing. As the dermis is missing, scar tissue develops in its place to fill the leftover space.

denovoSkin: Personalised skin for direct application

CUTISS AG are addressing this unmet clinical need with their denovoSkin™ bio-engineer, which works by isolating dermal and epidermal cells from a patients biopsy sample, expanding them in vitro, and combining them with a hydrogel to create a dermo-epidermal skin graft which can be applied directly to the patients wounds. Safety trials on denovoSkin™ personalised skin have been completed and efficacy trials are now under way.

The potential for the technology is huge, with proposed applications in both burn and trauma injuries which require reconstructive or plastic surgery procedures, and could also translate to treating patients with chronic ulcers or congenital malformations which may lead to skin-related problems.

After more than 15 years of research (Tissue Biology Research Unit, University Children’s Hospital Zurich), CUTISS AG can now bio-engineer large quantities of personalised skin grafts, denovoSkin™, starting off from a very small piece of healthy patient’s skin. Because of its intrinsic characteristics, denovoSkin™ is expected to result in a minimally scarring outcome after transplantation. denovoSkin™ received a Swissmedic, EMA and FDA Orphan drug designation for the treatment of burns.

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