Plog Run 2019: Save the planet whilst keeping fit

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The India Plog Run 2019, held in 50 cities, encourages runners to collect litter whilst they run in a bid to tackle the countries litter problem while promoting a healthy lifestyle.

A unique first-of-its-kind national initiative, the India Plog Run 2019 aims to combat the increasing threat from plastic pollution by bringing together the most powerful stakeholders in environmental conservation: citizens themselves. Organised by United Way India in collaboration with Go Native, the Plog Run will involve picking up plastic waste while jogging or walking through an established route in the locality of the participant’s choice. India Plog Run will be held in 50 cities across the country on October 2, 2019 in honour of Gandhi Jayanti and to commemorate 5 years of the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan.

In 2018, The Bengaluru Plog Run led to the collection of 33.4 tons of plastic waste by more than 7000 participants in under 12 hours. This subsequently led to the entry of the Bengaluru Plog Run into the Guinness Book of World Records.

According to Manish Michael, Chief Executive Officer United Way India: “India produces 25,940 tons of plastic waste daily, out of which 10,000 tons remain uncollected as stated by the Central Pollution Control Board. Waste such as this accumulates in public spaces and eventually enters water bodies thereby causing irreparable damage to the environment and marine life. As India celebrated 73 years as an independent nation, the Hon’ble Prime Minister in his speech from the Red Fort emphasised the gravity of the issue by strongly urging citizens to join the crusade against single-use plastic on 2nd October.”

“The India Plog Run aims to foster a circular economy: one that prevents the accumulation of waste material in landfills and focuses on recycling instead. The long-term vision of the Run would be to engage extensively with youth in building a stronger community that will take conservation initiatives and help preserve cleanliness at several locations. This will increase awareness among individuals and help increase the scope of environmental conservation,” said Shailesh Haribhakti, Chairman United Way India.

“Plogging is a Swedish concept that gradually made its presence felt in the European nations. The India Plog Run 2019 introduces this radical and innovative method of conservation to the Indian public. Through the proactive participation of every individual, we hope to create communities committed to maintaining the ecological balance of their neighborhoods,” adds Anvitha Prashanth, Founder, Go Native.

“India Plog Run looks to mobilise citizens across 500 different locations in India to detox their surroundings. It is also a promising avenue for corporate stakeholders as it will provide them an opportunity to fulfil their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) mandate by actively participating in the initiative. We are looking forward to partner with NGOs, businesses and associations and various communities to make the Plog Run a grand success,” says Ramakrishna Ganesh, Convener of the India Plog Run.


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