€30 million call: precision medicine for neurodegenerative diseases

€30 million call: precision medicine for neurodegenerative diseases
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The Joint Programme in Neurodegenerative Diseases (JPND) has launched a €30 million research call for precision medicine for neurodegenerative diseases.

According to Professor Philippe Amouyel, University of Lille (France) and Chair of the JPND Management Board: “During the last ten years, researchers have progressively uncovered the high complexity and wide diversity of neurodegenerative diseases. We need now to complete and use this massive amount of knowledge to develop targeted approaches to more efficiently fight the dramatic progression of these diseases.”

Amouyel added: “With this in mind, JPND participating countries in close collaboration with the European Commission have identified precision medicine as a major issue to tackle the global challenge of neurodegenerative diseases.”

Precision medicine

Precision medicine relates to the targeting of specific elements responsible for pathology in an individual. It takes into account individual gene variability and biological/molecular characteristics, as well as environmental and lifestyle factors.

Professor Thomas Gasser, University of Tübingen (Germany) and Chair of the JPND Scientific Advisory Board, commented: “Progresses in precision medicine will be a unique way to develop innovative approaches to prevent, slow and cure neurodegenerative diseases. This call aims to harness the necessary expertise across Europe and globally, to address this research challenge. ”

Pre-proposals must be submitted no later than 15:00h C.E.T. on March 12, 2019.

JPND has stated that proposals submitted under this call must focus on precision medicine in one or several of the following research areas:

• Diagnosis (e.g. biomarkers, imaging data, omics approaches, big data analyses);
• Prevention (e.g. biomarkers for studying novel treatments and interventions, co-morbidities, digital technologies, stratification within cohort studies and clinical trials); and
• Care (e.g. improvement of social and health care systems, molecular profiling, imaging, lifestyle data).

Neurodegenerative diseases

The proposal must also relate to any or several of the following neurodegenerative diseases:

  • Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias;
  • Parkinson’s disease and PD-related disorders;
  • Prion diseases;
  • Motor Neuron diseases;
  • Hungtington’s disease;
  • Spinocerebellar ataxia; and
  • Spinal muscular atrophy.
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