Presenting the Laboratory Supplies Directory, brought to you by SciTech Europa

Introducing SciTech Europa’s Laboratory Supplies Directory first ever publication. Offering a wide range of contacts for laboratory equipment and supplies for scientists across the European Union.

The flagship publication of SciTech Europa’s Laboratory Supplies Directory is a comprehensive catalogue of the essential laboratory equipment used for research in the science and technology field. This handpicked selection of equipment is complemented by relevant editorial on the advancements of medical fridges, tips for running an environmentally friendly laboratory, advances in research equipment and much more.

What can you expect from the publication?

This refined catalogue of equipment and technology covers areas such as; machinery for spectroscopic sample analysis, equipment for a safe laboratory, apparatus for the coating industry, multimode microplate readers, vibratory mixing solutions.

Our highly successful online Laboratory Supplies Directory offers a range of bespoke lab equipment in addition to a myriad of essential supplies, designed to suit most laboratories. The Laboratory Supplies Directory offers a comprehensive doorway to the latest in laboratory equipment and other essential items needed when conducting research.

The Laboratory Supplies Directory covers:

This publication offers scientist and researchers a brief window into the type of innovative designs and discoveries that have been made in their field. By offering a comprehensive catalogue, the Laboratory Supplies Directory takes the work out of sourcing the essential equipment for any research team, allowing scientist to focus on what is important, their work.

Laboratory Supplies Directory

The Laboratory Supplies Directory is promoted to over 103,000 individuals working across the global science, research and innovation sectors.

Delve into the world of laboratory supplies now!

Laboratory Supplies Directory - Now Live


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