Promoting a circular economy with sustainable packaging

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A plastic packaging company have issued a statement highlighting that they are promoting the circular economy with its new sustainable packaging solutions.

Valgroup have drawn attention to a myriad of case studies that demonstrate how the circular economy for plastics can turn plastic into the ultimate sustainable material.

A number of trends are driving sustainability including rapid urbanisation, shifting demographics and consumer expectations, and an increasing acceptance that climate change and resource scarcity are pressing problems.

Valgroup, one of the largest manufacturers and recycling firm of rigid and flexible plastic packaging, has 8 subsidiaries, 27 plants, and over 5,000 employees, with operations in the US, Uruguay, Spain, Mexico and Brazil.

In fact, sustainability is now an unstoppable force that is driving businesses around the globe. In a newly released video, Cesar Sanches, Director of Strategic Marketing and Sustainability at Valgroup, explains why plastic, often vilified by sustainability pundits, is a wonderful material that can be manufactured and processed so that it contributes to sustainability rather than having a negative impact on the environment.

This can happen through an efficient circular economy, in which our natural resources never become waste. A simple example is how old plastic bottles can be washed, processed and turned back into new bottles without any waste being produced. Alternatively, plastics can be turned back into oil and gas, which in turn can be used to produce virgin-like plastics in a truly circular fashion.

In Valgroup’s new video, a number of highly credible case studies are given demonstrating how the circular economy for plastics can turn plastic into the ultimate sustainable material. Plastics need never become waste.

Valgroup’s product portfolio includes PET preforms with recycled content, recycled resins (rPET, rPE, rPP), stretch & shrink bundling films, barrier films, BOPP films, laminated films, labels, specialty films (adhesive, building and construction, inclusion wrap, release film, sealant web and trench coat), lids, caps, closure systems, stretch/shrink wrap optimisation, monitoring, downgauging, coreless and pre-stretched technologies.


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