How to build successful regional bioeconomy strategies in Europe

How to build successful regional bioeconomy strategies in Europe
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A workshop on successful regional bioeconomy strategies in Europe, The European Region for Innovation in Agriculture, Food and Forestry workshop, was held in Brussels.

The workshop, by the ERIAFF network & European Forested regions, was titled: “Successful regional bioeconomy strategies – what should they look like?”. It took place on 14 November 2018 in Brussels, Belgium.

Around 50 researchers and policymakers gathered to discuss how successful regional bioeconomy strategies should be built in Europe.

Building successful regional bioeconomy strategies

BioMonitor is a H2020-funded project. The project comprises 18 partners ranging from members of universities, statistical and standardisation institutes, and consultancies, to data modelling experts.

BioMonitor aims to monitor and measure the socioeconomic and environmental impact of the bioeconomy by using data and analysis tools.

According to a presentation at the workshop given by Myrna van Leeuwen, BioMonitor may be of help to addressing specific policy and research questions using its robust data system embedded in official statistics, and the model analysis framework which will be developed. This will support regional officers who need to benchmark and compare the performance of their region using universal EU indicators.

BioMonitor’s actions are aligned with the EU Bioeconomy Strategy. A wide-monitor approach will eventually be created to track the progress of EU regions towards a sustainable, circular economy based on indicators, including:

  • Job creation;
  • Climate mitigation;
  • Renewed and strengthened EU industrial base;
  • Circular economy;
  • Healthy ecosystems; and
  • Biodiversity.

The importance of the workshop

Van Leeuwen commented: “This workshop was very valuable for BioMonitor as the stakeholders involved expressed their needs – based on own practical experience – on having a (regional) monitoring tool that relies on a set of reliable, harmonised, consistent, open and countable data…Such [a] tool will help for building trust among all actors involved in the trajectory towards a bioeconomy, i.e. farms, firms, governmental authorities, and the consumer.“

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