Science & Technology Issue 10

In this issue of Science and Technology we see the continued launches of Horizon 2020 in EU member states as the next framework programme gets truly underway.

Alongside the launch, many other exciting discoveries continue to be made throughout the EU region, demonstrating not only the excellent science that Europe is renowned for, but also the potential significant injection of funding such as that presented in the H2020 programme stands to have on a sector already at the top of its game. In issue 10 of Science and Technology European Commissioner for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, Maria Damanaki, outlines how the EU’s strategy for blue growth will begin to focus on three key elements: ocean energy; tourism; and marine science, and the challenges this entails. The Research and Development section also includes a comprehensive selection of articles, with sub-sections including space and energy.

How is Europe tackling energy?

  • Science and Technology met with Philip Lowe, the then European Commission Director General for Energy, on the sidelines of the Friends of Europe’s tenth annual Energy Policy Summit in Brussels to discuss the ‘re-nationalisation’ of energy policies, the potential of shale gas exploration in Europe, and the role that nuclear power can play in Europe’s efforts to move towards a low carbon economy;
  • EDUPP project co-ordinator Dr Lena Z Evins on the importance of a proper understanding of the rate at which spent nuclear fuel dissolves; and
  • The on-going unrest in several fossil fuel rich nations only serves to highlight the need for Europe to continue to look elsewhere for its energy. The European Commissioner with responsibility for Energy, Günther H Oettinger, thus outlines the importance of infrastructure that connects the increasingly vast European renewable energy network of solar, wind, and wave power.

What problems does cancer treatment face?

  • Science and Technology speaks to the European Academy of Cancer Science’s Ulrik Ringborg on the work required to push forward oncology research in Europe;
  • Professor Francoise Meunier, Director General of the European Organisation for Research and Treatment of Cancer (EORTC), tells Science and Technology about hurdles facing the future of personalised medicine in the field of oncology, issues in EU legislation, and the importance of acknowledging the non-medical issues facing many cancer survivors; and
  • As the importance of early diagnosis is increasingly realised, Science and Technology looks at efforts to improve the early detection of colon cancer.

How can technology help sustainable development?

  • Dr Rolf Meyer, project manager at the Institute for Technology Assessment and Systems Analysis (ITAS), discusses how closer collaboration between plant breeders and farmers, and the integration of both modern and conventional plant breeding techniques, can help to achieve the sustainable intensification of the agricultural sector in Europe; and
  • The UK Forestry Commission’s Christine Brown discusses how remote sensing technologies play an increasingly important role in forestry management.
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