Science & Technology Issue 23

This issue of Science and Technology focuses on the numerous challenges that face the European research and development, health, and environment sectors, following the rise in populism and decrease in the trust placed in scientific results, with the aim to help publicise the latest research and policy developments from across the European Union.

How are European countries contributing to research and development?

  • Jasper Wesseling, Director of innovation and knowledge at the Ministry of Economic Affairs, gives Science and Technology 23 an insight into the Dutch research, development and innovation landscape; and
  • Ingvi Mar Palsson, director general of Iceland’s Ministry of Industries and Innovation, on how his country is a world leader in renewable energy.

How can healthcare be transformed?

  • Science and Technology 23 talks to Willem Jonker discussing The Digital Infrastructure Action Line at EIT Digital is taking on the challenge of an increasingly data-intensive healthcare sector by championing data custodians and safe haves as part of a wider Digital Health Date Federation;
  • JPND chair professor Philippe Amouyel talks to Science and Technology about some of the joint programme’s latest successes, and sets out his hopes for the recently launched call for pathway analysis across neurodegenerative diseases, and provides an insight into what to expect from JPND and neurodegenerative diseases research in the future; and
  • Thierry Stora, from the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN), Switzerland and Andrew Robinson of the National Physics Laboratory (NPL), UK discuss how they are combining their skill and expertise to create medical isotopes to transform cancer treatments.

What can be done to protect our environment?

  • Arguing that the rapid, widespread uptake of modern wood techniques – as well as advanced concrete and steel technologies – is required to achieve significant reductions in environmental degradation in the construction sector, the European Forest Institute’s (EFI) Dr Ellias Hurmekoski outlines some of the points recently made; and
  • The deputy secretary general of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), former prime minister of Finland, Mari Kiviniemi, shares her views on sustainable agriculture and what it could mean for the environment and the economy.
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