The SciTech Europa editorial board meeting in Paris

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SciTech Europa held its editorial board meeting in Paris, France to discuss the publication with our editorial board members. Find out the science and technology topics we will prioritising in the near future.

The SciTech Europa editorial board

Our board serves as an Editorial Advisory Board which provides us with support and advice on how we can best serve the science community as a publication.

Vanessa Perez is the Head of Communications at EIT Digital. EIT Digital is a vital part of the European Institute of Innovation & Technology (EIT) which has built an international network of Knowledge and Innovation Communities to boost innovation across Europe. EIT Digital is leading Europe’s digital transformation by delivering entrepreneurial education and innovation. Their ongoing successes include the EIT Digital Accelerator Program which gives innovative start-ups the means to scale-up and add value to the European market, to the EIT Digital Master School which fosters entrepreneurial skills for technology graduates.

Michael Gregory is the team leader at the European Network for Rural Development (ENRD), which offers expert knowledge and facilitation in a wide range of rural development fields. Examples of the ENRD-associated projects include ecovillages, live streaming software for emergency services, broadband access in rural communities, and digital hubs for elderly people.

Our editorial priorities for the future

We met with Vanessa Perez and Michael Gregory to discuss our editorial concepts for the quarterly publication and the SciTech Europa website.

Expect to see the following topical areas of science and technology on the website:

  • Artificial Intelligence and the applications for your everyday life;
  • Smart Villages; and
  • Bridging the digital gap for rural communities.

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