SciTech Europa Quarterly issue 29

This edition of SciTech Europa Quarterly covers the latest developments in EU science and technology research and innovation. The topics include Europe’s digital future, how we can overcome the challenge of antimicrobial resistance, the latest nanomedicine technologies, and the future of particle physics in Europe.

SciTech Europa Quarterly met and spoke with many high-level European researchers to discuss these areas of interest and found out how Europe’s digital future, physics and space strategies, solutions to antimicrobial resistance and nanomedicine technologies will be realised.

Europe’s digital future: how will Europe embrace the digital revolution?

With a foreword by Mariya Gabriel, the European Commissioner for Digital Economy and Society, the latest publication addresses the challenge of transitioning from the ‘analogue’ world to revolutionary digital future, specifically how Europe can ensure that e-services are citizen-centric and competitive.

The publication also includes the following discussions about Europe’s digital transformation:

  • Willem Jonker, the CEO of EIT Digital – our Senior Editor met with him at EFECS 2018 to discuss the challenges that Europe faces and how it can realise opportunities for the digital sector;
  • Geraard de Graaf, from the European Commission’s DG CONNECT – who discussed with SciTech Europa the importance of programmes at the European level in the progress towards the European digital single market; and
  • Jean-Luc di Paola-Galloni, the President of ARTERMIS-IA, outlined the role of digital platforms in Europe.

The future of European physics and space

The dedicated Physics subsection of the publication includes the latest information on the European Strategy for Particle Physics, which we discussed with CERN’s Director for Research and Computing, Professor Eckhard Elsen.

In the Space subsection, the European Space Agency’s Dr Timo Prusti and Dr Ian Carnelli discusses the GAIA and HERA MISSIONS respectively.

Tackling the threat of antimicrobial resistance

The special feature on antimicrobial resistance includes an explanation of how the Longitude Prize is tackling the threat of antimicrobial resistance from Daniel Berman, and a discussion from Lord Jim O’Neill on his report to the UK government.


Ignacio Baanante, the co-ordinator of EuroNanoMed3 talks about the last calls for innovative research projects in nanomedicine.

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