SciTech Europa Quarterly Issue 33

SciTech Europa Quarterly 33 showcases the importance of sustainability and climate awareness, which is needed across all sectors.

This is reflected in the foreword, which is written by the Director of the Green Chemistry Institute at the American Chemical Society, Mary M Kirchhoff. Kirchhoff emphasises the role which full implementation of green chemistry can play in the fight against global heating.

The following Research & Development section begins with the Director for International Cooperation in DG Research and Innovation, Maria Cristina Russo, who explains the importance of Horizon Europe. Elsewhere, Frank Salzgeber, Head of Innovation and Ventures Office at the European Space Agency, explains how technology is allowing us to see further.

Next is our NASA Special Feature: at the recent European Space Agency open day, SEQ met with NASA astronauts Walt Cunningham and Rusty Schweickart (who flew on the Apollo missions) to discuss how things have changed in the last 50 years; and Bram Nauta, president of the Solid-State Circuits Society, explains how microchips have changed the world and why we need more women in circuits.

In the Materials section, the Joint Research Centre’s Dr Elke Anklam tells SEQ about how the European Commission is supporting nanotechnologies; and SEQ speaks to president of the ESB, Pamela Habibovic, about the importance of biomaterials research and development in Europe.

The Health section begins with the President of the International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer, Tetsuya Mitsudomi, speaks to SEQ about the importance of standardised lung cancer screening. Elsewhere, Europa Uomo chairman André Deschamps sets out the need for an improved approach to prostate cancer diagnosis and treatment. Also, find out about how World Child Cancer is now collaborating with WHO to develop plans to implement the WHO Global Initiative for Childhood Cancer; and then meet the UK’s leading national children’s charity dedicated to the fight against childhood cancer.

The sub-section on One Health includes an exploration piece on the important role of the animal health industry in animal welfare, food safety, and public health in Europe; while the neuroscience sub-section features the Federation of European Neuroscience Societies, who are the voice of neuroscience in Europe; and the ‘ConnectToBrain’ project, which develops and prepares for wide clinical use of non-invasive brain stimulation technique to stimulate brain networks in a feedback-controlled way. We close this Health section with a look at rare diseases and unique conditions around the world. This includes the Executive Director of American Bone Health, who speaks to SEQ about how bone health is the foundation of a health life.

The Environment & Sustainability section opens with the Good Fish Foundation and Seas at Risk, who explain the environmentally responsible aquaculture model and highlight the importance of sustainable aquaculture from an NGO perspective. Elsewhere, World Coffee Research aims to grow, protect and enhance supplies of quality coffee while improving livelihoods of producer families. Alongside this, the EIB provides finance and expertise for sustainable investment projects that make a strong impact on people’s lives in Europe and beyond.

We close this edition with a sub-section on the bioeconomy and technology. Oana Neagu, director of General Affairs at COPA-COGECA, talks about how rural agriculture in the European Union cannot be forgotten. Then, the Chair of the European Parliament’s Science and Technology Options Assessment Body (STOA), Eva Kaili, explains how Europe can strong if we use these new technologies in the right way. Finally, to conclude this section and the publication, Nuria Oliver, Fellow of the EurAI, speaks to SEQ about the importance of educating future generations in technology.

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