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The fastest growing software development company in Poland, TenderHut, will be developing a Danish division to further their technological reach.

TenderHut have been working on a project funded by the European Union. The project was implemented as part of the Intelligent Development Operational Program 2014-2020, Sub-measure 3.1.5. Support for SMEs in accessing the capital market.

TenderHut Capital Group is developing its Danish division and creating a local special-purpose company for Nordic markets. Over twenty programmers will develop software for clients from this region. Sweden, Denmark and Norway currently generate nearly 40% of the group’s revenue, and this revenue is expected to rise in the years to come.

Ballerup is the perfect place for growing companies from the IT sector. The town is in the north-western suburbs of Copenhagen and is called Danish Silicon Valley. Denmark is the second country on our continent that has the best ratio of teleinformatic infrastructure to gross domestic product per capita. Danes’ access to broadband Internet, high level of civilisation development and international culture have led the company to strengthen its position on the global map of the group’s expansion and open its second foreign development centre precisely in Copenhagen.

“We have been connected to Denmark since the beginning of the company’s existence. This is a market we know very well, and by creating software with the help of the programmers working on-location, we wish to make our presence even stronger in Scandinavian countries. The potential arising from having a local team and the benefits this entails decidedly exceed, in relative terms, the higher costs of programmers’ work. The decision to create a special-purpose software development company is part of a strategy with the aim of intensive growth on foreign markets” explains Robert Strzelecki, CEO of TenderHut.

Two brothers will take the helm of the Danish division, Thomas and Martin Birk, who took over shares in the company left by Waldemar Birk, co-founder of TenderHut Group, who died in 2018.  Thomas has also been a board member of the company since 2018. “I have decided to manage the Danish division along with my brother on account of my familiarity with the market there. Denmark is our home country, and I am convinced that we will achieve even greater growth of the group’s revenue from Scandinavia thanks to our business relationships and knowledge about the region. In managing the Danish division, I will have the opportunity to focus on diversifying our portfolio of clients, and at the same time coordinate sales activities in Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Denmark” says Thomas Birk, board member of TenderHut Group.

TenderHut Capital Group is the fastest-growing IT company in Poland. It has been distinguished in many rankings, such as Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Central Europe and the Financial Times’ FT 1000, and the company has recorded the fastest growth rate and record revenue reaching nearly 24 million Polish zlotys in 2018. The company has 9 foreign representations and 7 Polish development centres. The office in Copenhagen will become the second foreign branch after China that creates software for the needs of the company’s clients.

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