Solid state batteries: enabling next generation energy storage solutions

An image of traditional lithium batteries to illustrate the concept of solid state batteries for energy storage

Dr Xiaoxi He, a leading industry expert and Principal Analyst at IDTechEx has reported on the new opportunities of solid state batteries.

According to Xiaoxi He, solid state batteries are the avenue to next generation energy storage solutions. While lithium-ion battery technology is limited, solid state electrolytes have potential in the electric vehicle, wearable and drone markets.

How the batteries work

IdTech Ex explain: “In solid state batteries, both the electrodes and the electrolytes are solid state. Solid state electrolyte normally behaves as the separator as well, allowing downscaling due to the elimination of certain components (e.g. separator and casing). Therefore, they can potentially be made thinner, flexible, and contain more energy per unit weight than conventional Li-ion. In addition, the removal of liquid electrolytes can be an avenue for safer, long-lasting batteries as they are more resistant to changes in temperature and physical damages occurred during usage and can handle more charge/discharge cycles before degradation, promising a longer lifetime.”

The market opportunities for energy storage solutions

IDTech Ex add: “With a battery market currently dominated by Asian companies, European and US firms are striving to win this arms race that might, in their view, shift added value away from Japan, China, and South Korea.”

“Different material selection and change of manufacturing procedures show an indication of reshuffle of the battery supply chain. From both technology and business point of view, development of solid state battery has formed part of the next generation battery strategy. It has become a global game with regional interests and governmental supports.”

The full report includes:

  • The ten year forecast for devices sold, capacity production, and the market size of the solid state electrolyte industry;
  • An analysis of winning chemistries, including the eight inorganic solid electrolytes; and
  • An assessment of the IP landscape and how this has evolved in this space over the last five years.

Source: IDTech Ex

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