ESA: Space safety conference and media briefing

ESA: Space safety conference and media briefing

ESA is holding a space safety conference and media briefing at their European Space Operations Centre (ESOC) in Darmstadt, Germany.

SciTech Europa will be attending an in-depth background briefing on the topic with ESA’s leading Space Safety managers on Monday 21 January, and the opening panel and the technical sessions of the international Near-Earth Object (NEO) and Debris Detection Conference held at ESOC on Tuesday 22 January.

Space safety

The space environment poses both natural and human-made threats to life and property, therefore space safety is an increasingly important topic. ESA is working on new projects and missions relating to space safety, including:

  • The Hera mission;
  • A binary asteroid system;
  • The L5 space weather mission to Lagrange point 5; and
  • Concepts for the monitoring and active removal of space debris.

The European Space Agency said: “Whether it’s tackling the challenge of space debris, ensuring a timely warning of space weather impacts or detecting and deflecting asteroids: Space Safety is an emerging field and will be included in the proposals of ESA Director General Jan Wörner for the next Ministerial Council, called ‘Space19+’, in November 2019. ”

ESA’s leading experts for planetary defence, space weather, and space debris will give in-depth briefings on the respective topics in the context of space safety.

21 January programme

  • 13:00: Doors open at ESOC
  • From 14:00 Welcome : Hazards from Space by Rolf Densing, Director of Operations and Head of ESOC Programme
  • ESA’s Programme Structure by Chiara Manfletti, Director General’s Programme Advisor
  • Overview Space Safety Programme by Nicolas Bobrinsky, Head of ESA’s Space Situational Awareness Programme (SSA)
  • Space Weather and the L5 mission by Jussi Luntama, Head of ESA’s Space Weather Office
  • Space Debris: monitoring and active removal by Holger Krag, Head of ESA’s Space Debris Office Tim Flohrer, Co-Lead Space Surveillance and Tracking Segment Luisa Innocenti, Head of ESA’s Clean Space Office
  • Planetary Defence: Asteroid detection and deflection by Rüdiger Jehn, Head of ESA’s Planetary Defence Office
  • Ian Carnelli, Hera, General Studies Programme (GSP) Manager
  • Tour of ESA’s Mission Control Centre
  • Circa 18:30: End of the programme

     22 – 24 January 2019: NEO and Debris Detection Conference

    According to ESA, the conference will bring together the NEO and Space Surveillance and Tracking (SST) communities and will focus on recent progress made by exploring the synergies between search programmes, orbit determination, and risk management for NEOs and space objects.

    The conference will begin on Tuesday, 22 January, with an opening session as of 09:00 CET. International experts such as from NASA and DLR will be on the panel to discuss the latest achievements and plans for observing NEOs and debris.

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