NTU Singapore has received funding to attract top young Swedish scientists

NTU Singapore has received funding to attract top young Swedish scientists

The Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation, the largest private financier of research in Sweden, has given $9m (~ €7.6m) of funding to Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU Singapore) to attract top young Swedish scientists with a new postdoctoral fellowship programme.

The postdoctoral fellowship programme will support up to 40 fellows over the next six years. Young Swedish scientists will spend two years at NTU Singapore to conduct postdoctoral research. They will be able to carry out their research at NTU in any discipline offered by any of the university’s Colleges and Schools. The young Swedish scientists who decide to return to a Swedish University after the two-year period may also receive further support from the Foundation.

NTU’s investment in post-doctoral research

In the university’s town hall meeting last month, NTU Singapore President Professor Suresh announced the plans to create 350 new two-year post-doctoral positions, over 5 years, to attract the best and the brightest young researchers from around the world to perform research at NTU Singapore. Commenting on the new postdoctoral fellowship programme, Suresh said: “We are deeply grateful to the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation, whose new generous gift comes after their S$12.6 million donation to NTU just three months ago. The Wallenberg family is known for their passion for cutting-edge research and technologies, and NTU is privileged to be one of only three international universities to benefit from the Wallenberg Foundation’s recognition and support.”

Why does NTU want to attract young Swedish scientists?

Suresh added: “This new gift by the Foundation to NTU will benefit not just the two countries, but the rest of the world. It will allow some of Sweden’s most promising young scientists to carry out their research over a two-year period at NTU Singapore in many different disciplines across all our colleges and schools. It will support a cohort of young researchers working in many areas of importance and benefit to society.”

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