What is the world’s first swimming with humpback whales VR experience?

An image to illustrate humpback whales
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A UK company has announced the release of a new live action swimming with humpback whales VR experience.

The experience is the world’s first VR experience which allows you to experience swimming with humpback whales. It is a rare glimpse into the mysterious giant Humpback whale.

Immotion group

Immotion Group is the UK-based immersive virtual reality out of home entertain business which has created the short film. It is exclusively available on Immotion’s VR Cinematic motion pods at the Company’s [11] ImmotionVR stores across the UK

How was swimming with humpback whales recreated?

To create the film the company collaborated with Jeff Hester, a leading free-diving cinematographer. Hester filmed a pod of humpback whales in live action VR in the Kingdom of Tonga on migration from Antarctica during the mating season. Almost every move made by the whales was captured. Some of the scenes that viewers can witness are:

  • A female giving birth and bonding with her calf;
  •  Young whales playing; and
  • A frenetic heat run.

Pushing the boundaries of VR

Martin Higginson, CEO of Immotion Group, said: “At Immotion, we are always looking to push the boundaries of VR. What we’ve managed to capture is truly breath-taking. The film provides an incredible insight into these elusive creatures. The experience makes full use of the visual, sound and motion capabilities of our VR Cinematic motion pods to deliver our customers something ground-breaking and memorable. We are excited about future instalments of our Blue Ocean Aquarium series, and demonstrating the power of VR to engage and thrill audiences.”

Ian Liddell, Immotion’s Group Creative Director, said: “This film is a first for VR. People can experience something they may have only dreamed about until now. Thanks to this piece of immersive filming, it’s possible for them to get up close with humpback whales.

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