Swiss health innovation: the antibody drug development platform

Swiss health innovation: the antibody drug development platform

The start-up Araris Biotech has been awarded funding to continue its Swiss health innovation, the new antibody drug development platform.

The antibody drug development platform is a Swiss health innovation project by the start-up Araris Biotech. The company has passed the Venture Kick Stage 2 and has received CHF 130,000 (~€113.7) of funding.

Swiss health innovation

The Venture Kick start-up competition was launched in 2007 and has funded 522 start-up projects during the past ten years, including other start-ups focusing on Swiss health innovation.

Venture Kick says: ‘Being private and independent, we understand our role to also be one of an agenda setter and catalyst. We initiate innovation, progress and discourse within the Swiss ecosystem by enabling the untried, daring the unpopular and focusing on existing and future gaps. Starting small in 2007, we had a big vision and believed in the business potential of great science at Swiss universities.’

Venture Kick provides its winners with pre-seed capital, coaching, and access to professional investors and industry partners. Venture Kick adds: ‘We are proud that after 10 years of giving kicks to Swiss startups, we have multiple success stories that have translated into international brands.’

The antibody drug development platform

Araris Biotech has been funded for its Swiss health innovation project, which is an antibody drug development platform. The Araris Biotech platform is focused on developing antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) with an optimal antibody to drug ratio. Their antibody drug development platform enables the generation of efficient ADCs which do not need antibody engineering and reduce costs. This will encourage targeted therapies to be developed and will result in diagnostic applications.


The other start-up to pass Venture Kick Stage 2 was Voliro, an electronics and aerospace start-up who are aiming to develop omnidirectional aerial vehicles (drones). The expected applications of the drones including infrastructure inspection, precision spray painting of complex 3D structures and façade cleaning.

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