Can AI and radar technologies help when managing diabetes?

Can AI and radar technologies help when managing diabetes?
Researchers have combined radar and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to help people manage diabetes

People with diabetes could soon be able to monitor their blood sugar without drawing blood using a new AI and radar system that is being developed at the University of Waterloo, UK. This technology could help people managing diabetes.

In a recent study, researchers have combined radar and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to help people managing diabetes and detect changes in glucose levels without the need for drawing blood several times a day.

George Shaker, an engineering professor who leads a large team working on the concept, said: “We want to sense blood inside the body without actually having to sample any fluid.

“Our hope is this can be realised as a smartwatch to monitor glucose continuously.”

How was the technology developed?

The research for the device aimed at managing diabetes more effectively and involved collaborations with Google and the German hardware company Infineon, according to EurekAlert, which jointly developed a small radar device and sought input from select teams around the world on potential applications.

Information on the reflected waves is then converted into digital data for analysis by machine-learning AI algorithms developed by the researchers.

The software can detect glucose changes based on more than 500 wave features or characteristics, including how long it takes for them to bounce back to the device.

The next steps include refining the system to precisely quantify glucose levels through the skin, while the researchers are also working with Infineon to shrink the radar device so that it is both low-cost and low-power.

Shaker concluded: “I’m hoping we’ll see a wearable device on the market within the next five years.”

Other ways technology is changing healthcare

There are many ways in which healthcare is improving due to innovative technologies and bid data. Technological advances allow for improvements in areas such as personalised medicine, nanomedicines and medical devices.

The medical devices sector provides innovative healthcare solutions regarding:

  • Diagnosis;
  • Prevention;
  • Monitoring;
  • Treatment; and
  • Alleviation of disease.

There is currently no cure for some diseases, and innovative technology is working to help people with these health issues.

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