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The Department of Information Science, Faculty of Engineering and Science at Saga University

The Department of Information Science at Saga University are focusing on the construction of information systems related to medical care, welfare and nursing care.

The department of Information Science was established in 1989 and then reconstructed and expanded in 1997. Further course expansion was completed in 2019. We now have a total of four available courses, two undergraduate bachelor’s courses and the other two are graduate master’s courses.

The purposes of the courses:

Aims to enable students to learn skills and gain knowledge in computer science and intelligent systems and to acquire a high ability to utilise them to solve problems.

This course provides fundamental, practical education and training in computer programming, network configuration, software engineering, and systems fundamentals.

The purpose of this course is to enable students to gain knowledge and practical skills related to advanced information systems in order to harmonise ICT with manufacturing technology toward realising a “Smart Society” and to support and contribute to society.

Aims to enable students to learn skills and gain knowledge of mathematics and computers, acquire a high ability to discover valuable knowledge and laws, and to utilise them to solve problems.

Areas of research done by our faculty members include Applied Mathematics, Architecture of Computers/Databases, Algorithm, Computer Simulation, Artificial Intelligence, Network Security, etc. Our research includes a wide range of applications in the fields of education, medicine, welfare, and agriculture.

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  • Applied Mathematics
  • Information Science
  • Cybernetics
  • Remote Sensing
  • Software Engineering
  • Database
  • Educational System
  • ICT for medicine/welfare
  • Computer Simulation
  • Network Security
  • Code Optimisation for RISC Processors
  • Development of emergent system design method
  • Computational coalition formation
  • Construction and Performance Evaluation of Error Correcting Codes
  • Information Security for Computer Network
  • Personal Data Management System
  • Systematic Educational System for Software Engineers
  • Educational system and environment with computers and networks
  • Global monitoring from space Human Computer Interaction
  • Supporting systems for healthcare/agriculture by clinical image processing
  • Computer Simulation for the traffic control
  • Safe and secure introduction of wireless communication into hospitals
  • Development of ICT systems along needs of medical/welfare staff

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