The lunar time capsule is now open to the public

Send a time capsule to the moon

TCT Aerospace are opening up their time capsule to the public. Anyone can send a video to the moon to be discovered by future generations hundreds of years in the future.

Members of the public can now be part of the UK’s first Moon mission, as well as sending their own video to the moon, for a future generation to retrieve, hundreds of years in the future. This opportunity has being offered by TCT Aerospace who are planning on sending a time capsule to the moon

By uploading a video, participants will be sent a certificate as an honorary member of the MoonPIE mission. As their video get sent to the moon.

“Become part of space history, say something about you or your life, your loved one, or even you view on the world. Sing, dance, or have a laugh. Let those who live hundreds of years in the future know, who you were!”

TCT Aerospace have already received a great deal in interest from all over the world, from people of all ages, who are interested in participating in the mission. So now they have gone live with allowing the public to upload and archive their videos for storage in the Time Capsule.

The MoonPIE mission is research based with the primary objective being collecting lunar material.

A spokesperson said:”To collect and return to Earth a test mass of 1kg of lunar rock and dust, whilst demonstrating Proof of Concept in showing a greater than 80% hardware re-usability per mission for at least 10 missions. Providing the space industry with low cost and low ecological impact missions.”

However, the mission does have an element of fun to it with the time capsule component. The spokesperson continued:”TCT Aerospace’s MoonPIE, give your the chance to take part in an actual mission. The mission’s objective is to leave a lunar time capsule on the Moon’s surface and return to Earth 1kg of Moon rock. This is your chance to be part of the mission, from becoming a member to sending a video to the Moon or even the ability to own shares in the mission’s Moon rocks. These are ideal gift for adults and children, birthdays and christmas, or just to give someone the most unique present ever.”

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