Everything you need to know about the new UK 5G network from EE

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Today EE has launched its new UK 5G network to enable faster phone connections in six cities.

The new UK 5G network launch is the first in the UK. EE said: “To give our customers the very best experience, we’re focusing our efforts on the busiest places, where the power of 5G can make the biggest difference. All of our 5G customers will get a more reliable connection, even in the biggest crowds.”

To take advantage of the faster phone connection from the new UK 5G network, customers have to have an 5G enabled smartphone, which means a new phone and contract, and to live in one of the cities in the UK where it has been enabled.

How fast is the connection?

Today speed tests of 4G vs 5G have been going live on social media.

Where can you use the UK 5G network?

Currently, the UK 5G network is available in the following cities:

  • London;
  • Cardiff;
  • Belfast;
  • Edinburgh;
  • Birmingham; and
  • Manchester.

Future expansion of the UK 5G network

EE noted: “However, at launch EE’s 5G coverage does not reach all areas of every city. We’ve tested it out in London, and found that it’s not consistent. In areas where 5G is available though, we’re consistently getting speeds of around 200Mbps (versus around 15-20Mbps on 4G devices).”

EE said that its customers can expect 5G to be available in the following cities in 2019:

Bristol, Coventry, Glasgow, Hull, Leeds, Leicester, Liverpool, Newcastle, Nottingham and Sheffield. The competitor network Vodafone has also announced that it would bring 5G to 12 locations before the end of the year. Three and O2 are to predicted to confirm their 5G launch dates too.

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