Unique agrochemical programme to launch in Tel Aviv

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A global crop production company will be working with Tel Aviv University to launch a unique teaching programme on active substance delivery and formulation.

ADAMA, a global crop protection company and Tel Aviv University (TAU) launched a unique research and teaching programme on active substance delivery and formulation, an innovation and growth driver in the worlds of agriculture and crop protection.

The partnership between ADAMA and TAU will unite the worlds of industry and academia, training advanced degree research students of chemistry, life sciences and engineering in the supply and formulation of active crop protection substances, a field in desperate need of more experts.

Chen Lichtenstein, President and CEO of ADAMA says, “ADAMA recognises that its success in the competitive global market relies on research and development capabilities as a driver of strategic growth.

“The international delivery and formulation research centre we are inaugurating at Tel Aviv University will enable us to together train the finest researchers in the field, thus preparing them to join the ranks of the agrochemical industry for the benefit of the development of ground-breaking products that deliver a response to the challenges currently facing world agriculture.”

Dr Elad Shabtai, VP Innovation, Development, Research and Registration at ADAMA, describes that to date, specialisation in delivery and formulation could only be acquired by people working in the industry and could not be studied as a profession.

ADAMA will also be investing in a research laboratory that will be established in the School of Chemistry, where the program’s research and experiments will be carried out.

ADAMA will award scholarships to 25 students from a range of disciplines such as chemistry, materials engineering, plant sciences and others, who will earn their advanced degrees with specialisation in delivery and formulation.

Prof. Roey Amir of the School of Chemistry and Head of the ADAMA Center for Innovative Crop Protection Solutions at TAU added, “In the past few years there has been a demand for the development of smart agriculture, which will help minimise quantities of crop protection substances while enhancing their efficacy through novel delivery systems, similar to what is currently taking place in biomedical research.

“Establishment of the Center will enable us to work, together with ADAMA, on training the future generation of scientists who will lead the field in Israel and worldwide.”

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