The most innovative universities in Europe: the EIT Health network takes the top spots

An image of KU Leuven library, which is at one of the universities which make up the EIT health network. The EIT health network takes some of the top spots on the rankings for the most innovative universities in Europe
The library at KU Leuven, Belgium, which is one of the EIT Health Network universities. © iStock/MarcelloLand

Many of the top spots on Reuter’s list of the most innovative universities in Europe are occupied by universities from the EIT Health network.

Last week, Reuters released its top 100 list of Europe’s Most Innovative Universities 2019. Universities within the EIT Health network ranked highly in the list of the most innovative universities in Europe.

The most innovative universities in Europe

Reuters ranked the following universities as Europe’s most innovative universities:

Rank University Patent applications Patent success rate Commercial impact score
1 KU Leuven 305 40% 43.3
2 University of Erlangen Nuremberg 238 52.1% 51.2
3 Imperial College London 317 33.4% 34.4
4 University of Cambridge 207 38.6% 31.4
5 EPFL – Swiss Federal lnstitute of Technology Lausanne 235 39.6% 58.1
7 Technical University of Munich 191 40.8% 40.5
10 ETH Zurich 305 29.5% 42.7
12 University of Oxford 482 27.8% 42.3
13 Technical University of Denmark 379 28.5% 36.4
14 LUMC (Medical faculty of Leiden University) 73 50.7% 41
16 Delft University of Technology 147 73.5% 37.6
22 Sorbonne University 383 44.6% 31.7

SOURCE: Reuters

EIT Health Network

EIT Health is “a network of best-in-class health innovators backed by the EU. We collaborate across borders to deliver new solutions that can enable European citizens to live longer, healthier lives.”

Alexander von Gabain, Chairman of the Supervisory Board EIT Health, said: “We are extremely proud that a large number of our academic partners have been top-ranked in the list of the most innovative universities in Europe. At EIT Health, we see the tangible and significant benefits derived from the integration of all sides of the ‘knowledge triangle’.”

Von Gabain said: “Innovation flourishes only when the brightest minds from academia, industry and other relevant stakeholders form strong interactive networks that enable and facilitate the output of creative solutions addressing unmet healthcare challenges for the best of patients and citizens. The recognition of the innovation power of our academic partners underpins the notion that EIT Health has selected leaders from relevant fields of contribution. Thus, we welcome the ranking as an independent validation of the quality of our consortium, devoted towards our mission of working together to improve lives in Europe.”

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