Using graphene in the production of supercapacitors

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First Graphene Ltd has gained an exclusive licensing agreement with the University of Manchester in order to develop graphene-hybrid materials to be use in supercapacitors.

The licensing agreement, between the University of Manchester and First Graphene Ltd, is for the manufacturing of metal oxide decorated graphene materials, using a proprietary electrochemical process. The materials will have the potential to create a new generation of supercapacitors.

Supercapacitors have a myriad of applications. From electric vehicles to elevators, supercapacitors offer high power-density energy storage for a variety of electrical products. The market growth for supercapacitors is predicted at 20% per year. However, such growth will be limited without the suitable materials, like graphene.

Published research by Professsor Robert Dryfe and Professor Ian Kinloch of The University of Manchester reveals how high capacity, microporous materials can be manufactured by the electrochemical processing of graphite raw materials.

The University of Manchester are anticipating that this will be the first step in the mass production of graphene products in the UK.

James Baker, Chief Executive of Graphene@Manchester, said: “We are really pleased with this further development of our partnership with First Graphene. The University’s Graphene Engineering Innovation Centre is playing a key role in supporting the acceleration of graphene products and applications through the development of a critical supply chain of material supply and in the development of applications for industry.

“This latest announcement marks a significant step in our Graphene City developments, which looks to create a unique innovation ecosystem here in the Manchester city-region, the home of graphene.”

Dr Andy Goodwin, Chief Technology Officer of First Graphene Ltd says: “This investment is a direct result of our presence at the Graphene Engineering and Innovation Centre. It emphasises the importance of effective external relationships with university research partners. The programme is also aligned with the UK Government’s Industrial Strategy grand challenges and we’ll be pursuing further support for the development of our business within the UK.”

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