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ValiDotz: Utilising quantum dots in applications

Incorporated in 2014, Dotz Nano Ltd is a Hi-Tech company, listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX:DTZ), specialising in producing and commercialising ValiDotz™.

Several parameters make Dotz a world leader in developing, manufacturing and marketing high-end ValiDotz:

  • Global presence

    – With offices in Australia, Singapore, the United States, United Kingdom and Israel.

  • Long term agreements

    – With strong, established distributors in North America, Europe, Japan, China and Australia.

  • Scientific collaborations and partnerships

    – With leading academic institutes in Singapore, the United States and Israel.

What Are ValiDotz?

ValiDotz are the newest member of the Advance Materials sector. Small, microscopic sized particles that have the most interesting phenomenon of fluorescing when exposed to UV light!

The quantum dots produced today are based on inorganics, usually metals, which although giving them excellent fluorescent attributes, are also very toxic, therefore limiting their use in many applications.

At Dotz we have developed a proprietary technology that creates high yield, non-toxic, organic based ValiDotz in a cost-efficient manner.

And with various, ground-breaking manufacturing techniques, we can easily change the colours they fluoresce in.

InSpec™ – More than meets the eye

InSpec is a portable, easy to use, semi-forensic detector, developed as an on-site reader for ValiDotz tagging and tracing applications. Together they serve as a complete solution for your brand protection and authentication needs.

  • Simple

    – InSpec comes with a ‘plug & play’ reader and an easy-to-use decoding software.

  • Rapid

    – InSpec produces real-time, on-location, precise readings.

  • Smartphone-Based

    – No need to carry an entire lab, InSpec gives you the enhanced detection capabilities, on your smartphone. (Android or IOS).

  • Semi-Forensic

    – InSpec can detect ValiDotz presence, with laboratory-like capabilities (down to 1 ppm).

  • Enhanced Security

    – InSpec offers a two-step authentication process to ensure that your product is authentic.

InSpec has an up to X8 magnification with a digital zoom.

Furthermore, InSpec can detect multiple codings and colour combinations.

ValiDotz and InSpec gives you a complete tailored solution for your brand protection and authentication

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Compared to other standard fluorescent materials, ValiDotz have many more unique properties:

  • Based on a novel technology, unknown to counterfeiters;
  • Non-toxic;
  • Cost effective due to low effective concentrations required;
  • Does not affect the properties and appearance of the tagged products;
  • Stable over time even in harsh conditions;
  • Extremely challenging to reverse engineer;
  • Has unique properties that can thwart any attempt to replicate;
  • Suitable for a wide range of products; and
  • Utilising a mixture of ValiDotz that possess several variable properties, can create an almost infinite number of encoding combinations.

With high-grade, high quantum yield ValiDotz, coupled with a professional management, Dotz is causing an uproar in the advanced material market and implementing ValiDotz in a variety of applications, both in existing and innovative markets such as:

  • Anticounterfeiting;
  • Brand & reputation protection;
  • Oil Industry – both up-stream and down-stream applications;
  • Liquids tagging and tracing;
  • Lubricants, DEF and oils authentication;
  • Polymers;
  • Bio-Imaging; and
  • Food and beverages.

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