Wind power expansion blue print

Wind power expansion blue print
Wind power is cost-effective – land-based wind utility is one of the lowest priced energy sources available today

With the launch of the Wind Project Development Roadmap report, Denmark and Ethiopia are working together towards a large-scale wind power expansion in East Africa. Experts from both sides have been discussing their experiences.

For the successful development of wind power expansion projects, experts from the two countries have been sharing and discussing experiences with international experts to produce the guidelines for development and to further support sustainable growth and development of the energy sector.

It is Ethiopia’s great potential for wind power that meant more than 50 policymakers, regulators and experts gathered together to launch a guidebook on effective and cost optimal wind power expansion and development in the country.

The report is part of the Danish-Ethiopian collaboration for utilising Ethiopia’s wind energy potential, through the Accelerated Wind Power Generation in Ethiopia (AWPGE) programme.

Mette Thygesen, the Danish ambassador to Ethiopia said: “Ethiopia is blessed with tremendous wind potential and this could potentially be a cost-effective solution for a better power generation mix and seasonal complementarity to the current hydro-based system.”

Working towards optimal distribution

One important aspect of the Wind Project Development Roadmap report is its focus on splitting tasks and responsibilities in connection with the development and planning of the wind power expansion project.

The report questions the different development steps of the project. Creating a strong regulatory framework for wind energy in Ethiopia should be an essential condition to enable attractive prices for the planned tenders for large-scale wind projects for independent power producers going forward. The roadmap report is also suited for other countries both within the region and elsewhere that are looking into wind resources.

Advantages of wind power

  • Wind power is cost-effective – land-based wind utility is one of the lowest priced energy sources available today;
  • It is a clean fuel source – wind energy does not pollute the air as opposed to any plants that rely on the combustion of fossil fuels, such as coal or natural gas, which emit particle matter that could cause human health problems; and
  • It is sustainable – It is also renewable, the energy produced can be harnessed for power.
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