Nabrawind has installed the world’s tallest steel wind turbine tower

Nabrawind has installed the world’s tallest steel wind turbine tower

The world’s tallest steel wind turbine tower has been installed by Nabrawind Technologies.

Nabrawind Technologies is the wind turbine technology developer supported by InnoEnergy, a sustainable energy engine supported backed by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT). They have installed the world’s tallest steel wind turbine tower.

About Nabrawind Technologies

Nabrawind Technologies designs and develops wind turbine technologies using disruptive innovation. They focus on three strategic areas:
•Drastic cost of energy reduction, which increases the competitiveness of wind energy
•A solution to logistic barriers, by using modularity
•The use of proven technologies that allow for robust manufacturing and assembly

The world’s tallest steel wind turbine tower

Nabralift is Nabrawind Technologies’ full-scale prototype. It is 160 metres tall and was installed in under the two weeks. The wind turbine tower has a unique design which allows it to be installed via a self-erecting system which enables elevation by adding small frame modules at the ground level. This addresses a need to decrease the cost of energy reduction, because it reduces installation costs by up to 20 per cent by removing the need for specialist transportation and assembly equipment. The new generation of onshore turbines will require very tall towers. The towers need to be able to accommodate large blades and reach competitive wind speeds in low-wind sites.

Ion Arocena, the Nabralift Programme Manager at Nabrawind Technologies, said: “The validation of our technology by means of this prototype marks an important milestone in our commercialisation. We are confirming 15 to 20 per cent cost reduction versus conventional approaches like tubular steel or hybrid tower, and by next year we aim to produce and install up to 7 towers between 135 and 200m height. We are defining our next pilot projects and InnoEnergy’s financial backing and guidance will be crucial during this period.”

What is the future of wind energy?

Javier Sanz, CTO renewable energy, at InnoEnergy added: “The huge savings Nabralift offers wind developers reduces the overall cost of energy by up to five per cent with big implications on the competitiveness of the wind industry. This is exactly the type of technology Europe needs to accelerate the clean energy transition and we’re offering companies like Nabrawind the rocket fuel they need to make that goal a reality.”

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