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Competence and creativity to develop wood technology solutions

When it comes to materials, products, and processes for the wood and construction industry, the Institute for Materials and Wood Technology uses methodological competence and creativity to develop applied solutions for your business.

Focusing on the sustainable use of our resources, the Institute for Materials and Wood Technology, based at the Bern University of Applied Sciences, Switzerland, develops multi-functional wood and composite materials as well as innovative products for the timber and construction industries. Our extensive knowledge of materials, wood, wood technology and other renewable materials enables us to find innovative ways of using these resources.

The Institute for Materials and Wood Technology seeks ways to protect wood-based materials through the use of coatings, surface modifications, and impregnation systems. Furthermore, the development of innovative adhesive and composite materials can be counted amongst our materials and wood technology areas of specialty.

The environmental friendliness of the wood technology, as well as the materials, processes, and products we develop is of paramount importance to us. We also work on improving indoor air quality by developing and applying low emission, odourless materials.

Our partners in wood technology development

We work in close co-operation with producers of:

  • wood-based materials,
  • adhesives manufacturers,
  • producers of coatings and paints, and
  • companies in the furniture and construction industries.

To assure proper execution of our research and development projects, our team of material scientists, wood technologists, chemists, and engineers work closely together as an interdisciplinary team.

Our collaborators have a state-of-the-art infrastructure at their disposal that includes well-equipped laboratories for materials, surfaces, adhesives, chemistry and microscopy.

Masters of wood technology

Technological progress, globalisation and digital networking have created new possibilities in the timber and construction industry. The wood industry therefore needs highly skilled and qualified specialists to meet these challenges. Unique in Europe, the Master of Science in Wood Technology, developed by Bern University of Applied Sciences in close co-operation with leading experts of the Swiss wood industry, provides students with a profile that is both scientifically sound and geared towards practical application.

Our students will follow one of the two specialisations, Management of Processes and Innovation or Complex Timber Structures. The Master Program is conducted in co-operation with Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences, Germany.

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  • Architecture;
  • Wood and wood technology;
  • Civil engineering;
  • Innovation management; and
  • International project collaborations.
  • Materials, Furniture and Design;
  • Wood and Surface Treatments;
  • Wood and Construction Adhesives;
  • Materials and Wood Chemistry; and
  • Material Emissions and Extractives.

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