Your used car battery could power a farm

Bringing electricity to the developing world through car batteries

Research conducted at the University of Warwick has allowed scientists to alter a used car battery in order for it to be used to power farms in the developing word.

As the number of electric cars increases, given the current environmental issues, it is important that we find a way to reuse and recycle discarded vehicle batteries. This is why researchers at the University of Warwick developed their new method of, not just recycling the batteries, but reusing them.

Your unused car batteries could now be used as an energy store systems to allow those in the developing world or in isolated communities have access to electricity.

This new development could be used in conjunction with electric water filters in order to bring clean water to people in developing countries.

With a 2kWh of energy, these batteries have the capacity of power a small shop, farm holding or a residential home for a short period of time. 2kWh isn’t a great deal of energy, however, it could be used in the case of an emergency.

This new development could be the essential stepping stone into bringing electricity to the developing world.

Lead researcher, Professor James Marco, said: “When an electric vehicle’s battery reaches the end of its useful life it is by no means massively depleted. It has simply reached the end of its useful life in a vehicle. It is generally accepted that an EV battery has reached end of life when its capacity drops to 80% of a fresh battery. While this is no longer enough to satisfy drivers, it remains immensely useful for anyone who seeks to use the battery in a static situation.”

Professor Marco continues: “This is a great result that not only provides a highly efficient re-purposing solution for automotive batteries but which could also change lives in remote communities. We are now looking for support to allow these new units to be further developed and tested in remote or off grid locations.”

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